Bonnie Thanos

Workshop Leader, Life Coach, and Massage Therapy in Chesterton, Indiana

My Purpose is to help you love yourself unconditionally. This will create changes in your physical being, relationships, career and prosperity.

Working in the health care field as an RN since 1980, earning a Master of Nursing degree in 1988, I worked as a professor, clinician and wound care specialist, but through it all I believed in preventative and alternative practice and the treatment of the whole person – body, mind and soul.

I have been practicing massage since 1980, with the goal of creating relaxing, healing experiences for my clients. My massages create muscular release, while I use a variety of relaxation techniques including hypnosis and access bars to build a healing environment which allows physical and emotional relief.

In 1990, I was introduced to the Heal Your Life philosophies of Louise Hay and practiced these principles to create a life of joy, peace, love and prosperity. Loving yourself is the key to healing your life. It is the foundation for positive change. My goal is to share these principles with others, becoming a certified Heal Your Life Teacher and Workshop Leader in 2014 and traveling to Ireland in 2015 to complete my training as a Heal Your Life Coach. I work with clients to help identify the thoughts and beliefs that have created your current life and guide you in techniques to create the life you want.

Additionally, I share Nikken products. Nikken products focus on healthy body and mind. They have created products to aid sleep and relaxation, improve air and water quality, and help recovery from exertion. With diverse offerings from magnetic therapy to nutritional supplements and skin care, Nikken offers you quality tools in the quest to be physically and emotionally happy and healthy. Access my Nikken page at:

I am a Certified Hypnotist and Access Bars Practitioner. These services can be experienced separately or in combination with massage or life coaching. Together we will decide what is best for your greatest good!

Experience my compassionate, intelligent, intuitive, and loving nature as I help you feel better about life and yourself!

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    • On Wings of an Eagle
Bonnie amazed me at recognizing where my issues come from and letting me know how to help. She opened my otherwise closed mind to a new way of thinking"
Sue-coaching client
Once again, I am coming away from this workshop with a better understanding of how to heal past hurts and move on. It's getting easier and easier to love myself and accept myself just the way I am! These workshops have made me a better person!"
I can honestly say as someone who has worked in the field of Holistic Healing for many years that Bonnie's unique blend of deep massage, healing music, and touch resulted in one of the best massages I ever received. It felt as if each muscle had been lifted and rested completely unwound. So, so relaxing."